Sterling Silver Harp Jewelry designed by
Luz Marina Ortiz


I was born in Colombia, a beautiful country with the best coffee in the world (my favorite drink). All my designs are handcrafted there by silversmiths using several techniques: The filigree, brought by the Spaniards centuries ago, various modern techniques, and combining Sterling Silver with tropical elements like coconut, colorful stones and more traditional materials like pearls and crystals.

My designs are inspired by the marvelous harp music of my husband,
Alfredo Rolando Ortiz, internationally acclaimed harpist, composer, educator and recording artist. Many of his compositions are dedicated to our daughters, Luzma & Michelle, and to me. He considers his most important concert playing in the delivery room during the birth of our second daughter, Michelle María.  Now . . . enjoy your visit!

Luz Marina Ortiz (Luzma)
(Our first daughter's real name is Luzma, like my nickname.)


This handcrafted jewelry is available in limited quantities.  

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Click to listen to
“Milonga for Loving,”
dedicated to me by my husband,
Alfredo Rolando Ortiz,
from his CD “Serenata.”

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